Visa Advisory

Visa Advisory



 The Consulate General of India has upgraded its Visa services by computerising the Visa processing with effect from 01 July 2014Now onwards, a new Online Visa Application Form will be required to be completed for a visa to India. All applicants are required to file the Visa application online and also upload a recent photograph. The new Visa application form is available on the Consulate's website-

After electronically filling the visa application, please press 'Submit' and verify all the information you have furnished. At the end, when you click 'Verify', a new indication 'Print' will appear.All applicants have to print out a copy of the online application form and sign the printed application at the space provided for it and present the printed copy along with 2 colour photos in original (5x5cm), the Passport in original, a photocopy of the passport and the prescribed fees to the Consulate in person.

Please note that all applicants are required to come to the Consulate in person for applying for the Visa and give fingerprints and a digital photo of the face. Ink-free digital imprints of all ten fingers will be taken. If there is any injury or cut on any finger, the fingerprint scanning will not be complete and the applicant will have to come again after the cut mark has disappeared and the finger has completely healed. However, children below 12 years of age and persons above 70 years are exempted from fingerprints and digital photo.

Visa application procedure

Log on to the website

Click on the link 'Indian Visa Online' and begin filling an online visa application form.

  • Please note down the interim Unique Reference Number generated at the start, (and seen on each page of the Online form), once you begin to apply. Guidance notes are also provided.
  • Complete all the required fields as specified and click 'Submit'. You are requested to verify all information provided by you and then click 'Verify'.You will be directed to a new indication 'Print'.Please print the application form and sign it in the space provided for it.
  • Upon clicking 'Save', applicants would be redirected to the webpage providing details of the visa fee and required documents.
  • All applicants will be required to download and sign a Declaration Form, which is made available on the website and submit it along with the application at the Consulate.
  • Please submit all documents at the Consulate Counter along with supportive documents.
  • Applicants are personally required to visit the Consulate for giving fingerprints and a digital photo of the face.


  • Please ensure to note down the interim Unique Reference number generated at the start (and seen on each page) of the online application form.
  • Please record/ note the final reference number that is generated upon completion of your application.
  • Provide contact telephone number and e-mail address in your Visa application.
  • Please submit a confirmed and detailed itinerary if applying for a double/multiple entry visa. However, this does not guarantee the issuance of a visa and the decision would still remain subject to the discretion of the Consulate.
  • Applications MUST be signed by the applicant him/herself and not by any representative.
  • All fields on the Online Application Form must be completed in as much detail as possible. When entering address information, please ensure that you provide the Post Code as well.


  • Printed/hand-written application forms will not be accepted.
  • Photographs with coloured background will not be accepted. Only photographs with a white background as per the specification will be accepted.
  • Please do not staple both photographs to the application Form. One must be pasted to the front of the Form while the second must be stapled.
  • Please ensure that all additional documents are completed prior to submission at the Counter. Information to this effect is given on the website